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Time Without Tide

It is the depths of winter, 1864, and the end is here.

Prophets and pariahs stand in the streets, arms outstretched, as the moon is ripped from its orbit and meteors rain down across our fair cities. There will be no salvation. We are doomed to the dark.

Those that remain are the dregs of humanity. Most are broken, many are mad, but some few souls still stride beyond pale lantern light, to delve into the deep Unknown.

Modern maps are cast aside, and dust is shaken from ancient tomes. The old tales were right. At our borders, where the light does not catch, there be monsters.

Time Without Tide is a tabletop role-playing game focused on simple, modular mechanics to manage survival and exploration in a Victorian apocalypse setting. Players take on the role of Delvers, heroes who risk disaster by exploring the dangerous world around them.

For PAX Aus, a secret artifact has been hidden in the caverns beneath a dreary orphanage. To retrieve it, you must escape the clutches of headmistress Dame Franca, survive the catacombs below, and find a way to adapt to this new world of fog.

PAX Aus Collaboratory Event


As part of the new PAX Aus Collaboratory event we will be testing Time Without Tide alongside dozens of other game developers in the Australian Game Dev industry.
Come visit us between 10:30 and 2:30 Friday (26/10) and Sunday (28/10) to delve beneath Dame Franca’s Home for Orphaned Children and Disadvantaged Youths. As thanks for your feedback, and for getting a chance to play, a physical copy of the Emergency Delver’s Guide (quick-start Rules) can be freely acquired.
We look forward to seeing you!

If you’ve participated in our PAX event and would like to leave feedback, please do so through the form linked here.

Friday (26/10)
10:30 – 2:30

Sunday (28/10)
10:30 – 2:30

Follow the Project

Time Without Tide is still comfortably seated in the stage of active development. To keep informed about future releases, events, and just how the project is flowing, follow Jamie and David on twitter through the links to the left.

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